Pulp and Paper Institute SA (Bulgaria) and Southeast Testing&Engineering, Lawrenceville, GA (USA) developed a joint project to create a Laboratory for testing of transport packages with packaged products.
Packlab is already certified for mechanical and dynamic testing of transport packages according to methods of The International Organization ISTA (ISTA Member ID Number ST-10278).

We follow proven methods for packages testing, which include the major factors of transportation:


-Pressure (crushing)

– Impact.

Those factors are applyed according to the client’s terms of reference, in order to clarify is the packaging good for the contained load, is it going to resist the transportation and processing, or is necessary further processing of the package.
There is no possible better way to find the optimal package unless it is tested in a laboratory, i.e. the best possible package is too expensive and that is why it is inefficient. On the other hand, the cheapest package causes damage, i.e. losses.
Nowadays, in the reality of integrated production and international markets, as well as revolutionary packaging materials and technologies, the use ofproper testing methods forpackages and products transportation is a mandatory step to efficiency and guaranteed supply of a quality and reliable product.


Contact: Eng. Zdravko Bogdanov
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Паклаб ООД – сертифицирана за механични и динамични изпитвания на транспортни опаковки по методи на Международната организация ISTA (ISTA Member ID Number ST-10278)