Bath salts "SOLINA"

SOLINA® bath saltsare a balanced combination of unique natural products, combined in a way that shows the maximum beneficial effect on various organs and systems in the human body. Depending on their impact on the central nervous system, there are two types of SOLINA bath salts: Relieving and Stimulating.

SOLINA® bath salts are developed and manufactured in laboratories after original technology. Their composition includes several types of natural mineral salts, specially selected to exert maximum therapeutic effectiveness on the whole body.

SOLINA® bath salts are aromatized only with 100% pure natural essential oils, which are precisely dosed in the finished product and are coloured in pleasant tones with harmless dyes used in food industry and cosmetics.

Their production and usage are approved by the Ministry of Health - № 47-22КМ-0203/24.09.1996 г.

SOLINA bath salts are protected with a trademark certificate (Reg. No 35044) issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria (with priority from May 05,1998).