Research activities:

The Pulp and Paper Institute SA is the unit in the system of Bulgarian pulp and paper industry, which has the scientific potential in solving technical and technological problems of the industry.

The Institute focuses the manufacturing experience in the pulp and paper industry accumulated in the country for over 50 years. Hence we are able to perform research and production activities, and to provide consultancy and expertise.

The Pulp and Paper Institute SA provides:

♦ Consultancy and assistance in commissioning of new equipment, machinery and enterprises.
♦ Evaluation of the technological and technical parameters of equipment for pulp and paper industry.
♦ Market research and analyses of the needs of different types of paper, board and fibrous semimanufacture, corrugated board and packaging thereof, waste paper.
♦ Consultancy on furnishing of laboratories with modern equipment for testing and process control on the quality of raw materials and finished products in the pulp and paper industry enterprises
♦ Consultancy related to the implementation of investment projects in the sector.
♦ Expert assessment on the quality of pulp, paper and chemical aids.
♦ Expertise in cases related to issues regarding quality indicators of fibrous materials, paper and board.


Contact: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Krasimir Savov
Tel.: +359 882 612 394 ; +359 2 973 28 07
Fax: +359 2 973 22 89