In the Pulp and Paper Institute there is an ISO 17025 standardized Central Analytical Laboratory for analysis and testing of: fibrous material (pulp, semichemical pulp, mechanical pulp, secondary fibers from waste paper), all kinds of paper and board, paper and board packaging. The laboratory carries out sampling of fibrous semimanufacture, paper and board.
The Central Analytical Laboratory at the Institute is one of the four laboratories worldwide approved by IKEA for testing of corrugated board packaging materials.
The Pulp and Paper Institute is a producer and provider of high-quality adhesives based on natural and synthetic raw materials. The production of adhesives is approved and registered by the Ministry of Health, License No 01427-99. The products are protected by TOP–D of Trademark Certificate, Registration No 26552 by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The Pulp and Paper Institute manufactures and markets two main groups of cosmetic phytopreparations:

Modern technologies for the production of fibrous semimanufacture, paper, board, corrugated board and packaging thereof, the protection of the environment during the production activities in the pulp and paper industry.
Еxpert assessment and feasibility analyses. Consultations on pulp and paper-related issues.
• Informational services in the industry.
Analyses of the needs of different types of paper, board and fibrous semimanufacture, corrugated board and packaging thereof, waste paper; market research of these products.
Consultancy on furnishing of laboratories with modern equipment for testing and process control on the quality of raw materials and finished products in the pulp and paper industry enterprises.

The Institute maintains contacts with similar institutions in Europe and actively works to include the industry in EU programmes and for the expansion of the Balkan cooperation.